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Excel Tips September 2020
AUTOSUM Shortcut
Entire Workbook Search
COUNTIF for entire columns
Formatting Time to Get the Correct Values
Turn a Date into a Weekday
Handy Shortcuts
To Turn On the full view of your clipboard
September 2020 Excel File

Excel Tips August 2020
Hide the Rest of the Sheet
Sort Left to Right             
Keep the last names only
Select Precedents and Dependents
CTRL Number Shortcuts
Week Long Formula
Remove Duplicates
Apply color to alternate rows
Excel August 2020 File

Excel Tips July 2020
Copy Here as Values Only
Fixing Gaps on Date X-Axis of Charts
Delete all Errors Simultaneously
Text Function Chart
Display Positive (+) and Negative (-) Signs in Cells
Helpful Formatting ideas: Display Units and Hide Contents
Excel July 2020 File

Excel Tip June 2020
Display the Auto-Complete list
Autofill Menu
Autofill with the CTRL key
Go to (Fast) to a Cell
Jumping to the Next Corner: Ctrl+. (Period)
Formatting Elapsed Number of Hours
Two Ways to Wrap Text
Multi-Tier x Axis on chart
Excel June 2020 File

Excel Tips May 2020
Add a secondary axis to a chart
Move a Formula to another Sheet
Fast navigation
Pinning frequently used files in Excel
Rounding functions
Nth Root
Excel May 2020 File

Excel Tips April 2020
Double click the Format Painter for multiple use
CONVERT function (time, distance, energy and many more units)
The DATEDIF function (compute the difference between two dates – years, months, etc.)
Bullets in Excel
Replace all Errors in a Range
Sheet Background Picture
Excel Apr 2020 File

Excel Tips Mar 2020
Comparing Lists Shortcut
Edit, Fill and Justify
Align Decimals Numbers
Change Font Case
Format Millions
Formatting Dates and Time
Jump to any Cell
Excel Mar 2020 File

Excel Tips Feb 2020
The CELL Function
The LEN Function
The FIND Function
The RIGHT Function
Display the Sheet Name in a Cell
The PMT (payment) function – paying off a loan
The PMT (payment) function – as a Sinking Fund
Excel Feb 2020 File

Excel Tips Jan 2020
Copy Addresses from Excel to Your Email-Message Address Line
Two Ways to Hide Data in a Cell
Use Drag and Drop to Convert Formulas to Values
Copy Sheet by Dragging
Getting the Check Sign P
Remove Hyperlinks

Excel Tips Dec 2019
Hide Data in a cell
Input Values Starting with 0
Shrinking Text to Fit Cells
Custom Format ( meters, feet, miles, etc.)

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