Dr. Gottlieb’s Background

Dr. Gottlieb has earned his Ph.D. and two Masters Degrees from Columbia department of Industrial Engineering and Operation Research .

Dr. Gottlieb was a full clinical professor at Temple University, Fox Business school, department of Statistical Science (2009-2018.) Previously 1997-2008 he was a faculty member at Rutgers University.  He was also the director of the International Executive MBA program at Rutgers University Business School.

Over the last 20 years, he has taught how to use Excel—and how to apply it effectively to various business disciplines—to thousands of MBA and Executive MBA students at Rutgers, Temple, NYU, Columbia and other universities. He has also taught an online Excel for Business Application course to over 15,000 undergrad students.

Dr. Gottlieb has trained many people in corporate seminars, conferences, and workshops. The participants were professionals from leading multinational companies as well as small private business corporations. Among them are Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Proctor & Gamble, Caterpillar, Vornado, El-Al Airlines, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, NCR, Chrysler, Sealed Air, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, 3M, H-P, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

He has over 20 years of business/ and industry experience as a CEO of two manufacturing companies.

As a consultant, he has applied Excel and other techniques to numerous corporations and institutions.  

Dr. Gottlieb has been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (“MVP”) in the Microsoft MVP Award Program (2014 – 2016.)



  • “Dr. Isaac Gottlieb personally trained 35 of our top analysts and finance professionals in a customized advanced Excel seminar. Many of the tools covered in this book were part of this well-received training. For the past five years, Isaac’s monthly Excel-Tip-Of-The-Month newsletter has been a personal favorite of mine. In an age where email overload is common, I always look forward to his email and many of my associates and team members around the world are part of his over 50,000 monthly recipients. This compilation is a must-have for any finance professional who wants to be a better business partner and truly add value in a more efficient manner!”

  • “If I should thank Microsoft for inventing Excel, then I would like to thank Dr. Isaac Gottlieb more for teaching me how to use it to solve the real problems in my real work. Keep going Isaac!”

  • “Excel has been one of the most powerful applications of recent times, but most users, unfortunately, only scratch its surface. Prof. Gottlieb’s book leverages his years of Excel workshops in the US, Europe and Asia, and he unleashes the tremendous potential and power of Excel. His to-the-point explanations and his innovative screenshots bring Excel alive to readers who may just have a working knowledge of the software. This amazing volume is an application-oriented book for Excel users who want answers fast, and who need to maximize the application’s awesome potential.”

  • “I was fortunate enough to take a class from Dr. Gottlieb a few years ago during the “crash math course” week while getting an MBA at Columbia University. I don’t want to offend any of my esteemed professors, but those few hours with Dr. Gottlieb were probably more useful than several of my semester-long courses to me. I currently use Excel for 3-4 hours per day to analyze stocks at my hedge fund and his tips have saved me hours and helped to make my graphical representation of data look top-notch.”

  • “I would like to take the opportunity to give credit where credit is due. The two semesters of Operations Management that I took with you in at Rutgers had a profound impact on my career. Three out of four of my certifications pictured below stem from those courses, which ignited my curiosity about Excel and its possibilities.”

    “Since then I’ve learned the full accounting trade – tax, accounting, auditing, payroll, etc. – but developed a specialty in complex financial models for clients looking for bank, angel, or venture capital to start or expand a business. I also teach courses and seminars on Excel and other business technologies. Whether I’m teaching or learning, I think of you every time I use or teach some really cool Excel tool.”