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April 2014 0

April 2014

April 2014 Sheets Navigation Pivot Table Classic View Move between Excel Sheets & Files View Two Parts of a Worksheet Simultaneously Scroll Lock Problem Time Stamp IS Condition April...

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June 2014 0

June 2014

June 2014 file: MAC Quick menu Equivalent Use Format Painter for the Entire Sheet Comma Style Formatting Change Status on Status Bar Hide Columns on all (or many) Sheets Remove Duplicates Insert Sheet...

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November 2014 0

November 2014

November 2014 tips of the month: Easiest way to remember Shortcuts Flag Birthday Secondary Axis The Choose Function Utilizing the Choose Function Choose Function + Form Tool Mark the Weekend November...

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May 2014 0

May 2014

May 2014 – list of topics: Four ways to Hide/Show the full ribbon Menu Repeat the last action Insert Headers and Footers Quick access the Quick Access menu Get the Functions Menu Get the Functions Menu...

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July 2014 0

July 2014

July 2014 tips: Checking for Errors Instant Chart Shortcut Formula Easy to Read New for Excel 2013 July...

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September 2014 0

September 2014

September 2014 tips: Dynamic Row or Column number Show or Hide Formulas Fill Data from the cells above Data Validation Animate your Charts september...

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October 2014 0

October 2014

October 2014: Select a range – a different way Word in Excel Group and Outline Remove apostrophes Last Cell I worked october...

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August 2014 0

August 2014

These are the August 2014 ideas: Display or hide all zero values on a worksheet Relative address NAME Date Problem: Sort by birthday not by birth date Hide cells information or contents Filter by selected...

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February 2014 0

February 2014

February 2014 Tips: Change Case Move ONLY between Excel files Browser Tips Formatting Dates Calculate Date Difference without Holidays Data Cleansing Hyperlink...

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January 2014 0

January 2014

January 2014 files contains: Browsing Efficiently Conditional Formatting I Conditional Formatting II Link Textbox, Object to Cell Calculate Dates Sum Groups Prefill a Cell   Tip of the Month...

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